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How to choose a labeling machine for your products?
1.  check what is packaging you want to choose. for example, bottles, round bottles, colom bottles, flat bottles or square bottles.
Different shape of bottles and numbers of labels, the labeler cost will be big different. so when you choose or design the bottles, we should pay attention to the shape of bottles. Generally speaking, require the bottles are in standard shape, and easy stand on conveyor when conveyor moving. it is the first step for choosing a labeling machine.

2.  when you decide which packaging you will use, second step, you will decide how many labels will be sticking on the packagings? One labels labeling machine cost will be cheapest, but depends on where you sticking the labels. on the sides or body of packagings, the cost will be cheaper. if on corner or other special position, the labeling cost will increase too much.

3.  Before you finallize your packagings, it is better to send the design or drawings to labeler supplier for finally checking.
and also design of the labels are very important. different labeling machine will require different label direction. please see below chart.

4.  IF all of this are ok, then you can finallize your products.
a. bottle shapes
b. numbers of labels.
c. position for application of labels
d. label direction.

How To Choose Labeling Machine